Monday, March 30, 2009

Poll results and more

Holy crap. Hollllly crappppp! It's been nearly a week since I've been on here! What is wrong with me???
Anyway, newest poll results.

I am very glad that there are people out there who appreciate Harry Potter! Go you!
And 25% of the vote says that one person doesn't care about Harry Potter either way.
Well, that's better than hate, I suppose.

But, not that I'm giving myself an excuse, the reason I haven't been talking is because it was spring break! Well, I can't be happy because it's over, but it was real nice while it lasted. In total I cleaned my room (thank you, Ava), got Little Miss Sunshine back from Mylla, had a slumber part at Myllas, which was awesome. We saw I Love You, Man which was HYSTARICAL! I highly recommend seeing it if you have the chance. There are a lot of jokes about wieners, but it was funny. Ha ha.
Lets see, what else did I do? I got a horrible hair cut which I'm trying to get used to. I babysat... wow, I did virtually nothing. Sure what I did was fun, but those things that I mentioned lasted three days total, so that left several days where I slept in until noon, sat at the computer for hours on end (so I'm controdicting myself with the whole "not having time to write in this blog" thing.) and successfully didn't watch Batman. This isn't a success, actually, it's a dissappointment. I got about halfway through Batman Begins and fell asleep (while it was still on I was painting my nails), then started it the next night but turned it off after about ten minutes. Oh! And I organized my DVD's so my favorite movies are on the top shelf, then my least favorite on the bottom. I know, I have a life, right?
See, aren't you glad I didn't write? My whole blog would probably be about having nothing to do. Speaking of which I should be doing my math homework but really, who needs algebra? We're learning about using the graphing calculator and I think the only reason I would ever need that in real life would be if I decide to become an algebra teacher. Same with solving equations and shit, I mean really. y=2x+14 wtf? Who gives a fuck?!
Nope, no cussing. I am becoming very civil... ha ha who am I kidding? Curse words are wired into my brain (thank you, Mylla).
Well, I'm going to go do something else for fifteen minutes, then do my homework. (shoot me, please, in the foot. Yesssss foot.)

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