Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I. Hate. Mornings.
Ok, not true. I like really, really early mornings, like one o' clock in the morning, possibly two. But I hate the morning before school. I have literally five alarms and I still don't wake up until forty-five minutes after the first alarm goes off, at six. And it's a physical pain that keeps me from getting up. I can't describe how I am dying, because I am always so tired that I don't remember, but I do remember thinking "what happened to the night? Where did it go? One minute I was climbing into bed and now I have to get up and start a long, miserable day all over again. Please, five more minutes." But then, as I lay there staring at my black ceiling (which has a tampon and dental floss dangling from a nail which sticks out (for whatever reason)) my other alarm goes off (they are set at going off at different times so I always have to move). This is the alarm that is on my clock so it sounds like a truck or a really loud, angry duck. This is possibly my least favorite noise, so I always rush to turn it off. Then my phone alarm goes off (my phone has three alarms on it) and I slouch like a zombie back to by bed, collapse on it, and fumble for my phone which is now lost within my covers. As soon as I manage to find it my iPod goes off and I have to crawl to the end of my bed and reach over the railing to turn the volume down so the 'rents don't get pissed that it's too loud. Then my second phone alarm goes off and I have to turn that off. Then I have one minute before my third and final phone alarm goes off to try and sleep over the sound of my music. After the last alarm is put on snoozed the snoozes run out of time for the other alarms so, in the same order, they go off and the cycle starts all over again.
That is every morning for me. Then, at six forty-five, after I finally manage to pull myself out of bed I panic at the time and rush into the shower.
To be honest, the shortest shower I think I've ever taken was ten minutes long. So I get out of the shower at seven and dress and dry my hair in fifteen minutes. At seven twenty (because I have to search for the other shoe (I always manage to lose only one shoe) then get my hoody and my juice box, which is kept in the basement. Yes, I do still enjoy juice boxes) I make it upstairs and throw together a sloppy peanut butter and jelly sandwich and brush my teeth, put my lunch in a bag, and am out the door by seven thirty.
Despite the pain and annoyance of early mornings, I live through it every day. Usually, in order to catch myself up, I sleep through math or band (yes, band) which are my first two classes, and usually wake up by Biology.
Good night, world, and have a safe... life.

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  1. lol, ur mornings sound as bad as mine!! i fell asleep in science today and had a dream aboiut was bizarre.
    also, i still like juice boxes too!! especially the kind with clifford on them!! ha ha.