Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aw, it's been Too Long!

Wtf is wrong with me? I haven't even visited this fantastic blog since... some time in June. And I want to say it's because I've had so many superbly awesome things going on, but that's just not true. I've done nothing :-( And in exactly one week I have to go back to school >:-[ Fml.

Well, let me get you up-to-date on my life for the past couple months. I've done a little bit of nothing, a bit more of nothing, and some more nothing. Although I must admit that I flew down to New York City and was on the Today Show interviewed by Hoda and some other tall blonde chick. It was a segment on teens in divorce. I know, whoop, right? No, I embarrassed myself to death on live television :'-( But that's alright, it was a great experience.

Ok, I know this is a terrible time to say this (seeing as I haven't posted anything in so long) but I really want to get more viewers. I have what, six? Maybe less, I haven't checked. But come on people, you're crushing my self-confidence by not reading my junk. Yeah, these are real tears rollin' down my face.

Oh, something exciting. My friend and I got wolf-whistled at today while walking to the store. Actually, not really exciting. He was really old, and creepy. And you know what sucks? That kind of thing always happens when you're with someone else, and you can't help but wonder "was that directed at me, or my friend?" And then you feel like shit. That's what happened to me. But I have naturally low self-confidence.

Man, I totally burned my tongue on hot chocolate this morning. How much does that blow?

Well, it's almost 11:30, so I think I'm gonna have to call it a night. So goodnight. Hopefully I'll write again before October.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Summer Adventures Pt. 1

I have entered a battle of wits with a fly... even though the battle is over. I have conquered the fly! After two hours of daring sword fights, sneaky attacks, and booby traps, I have won!
It all began when I got home from babysitting one peaceful June day...
I sat at the computer and logged onto Facebook, because do I have a life?... no. The clock struck eleven-thirty and I remembered the quick-to-make cheesey macaroni waiting for me to cook and eat. So I made it and returned to reading really bad Batman fanfictions.
Suddenly, with a mouthful of delicious cheesey goodness, a buzz filled my ears. I looked around frantically, frightened of a bug landing in my bowl of food. Then I spotted the bastard, flying around my head, planning it's attack on my lunch. I flapped my hands around my head like a bird on drugs, and covered my food with my hand.
"Not today you hideous beast," I growled, then let rip my most notorious war cry and grabbed my club. The fly knew it had been spotted, for the next moment it took off towards the living room. I chased it like a madman, barring my club, waiting for the ideal moment to strike.
Then my enemy attacked from behind. I felt the gash on my head and knew I was hit. It was now or never to retreat, and so, bleeding profoundly and growing weaker by the second, I crawled to my fort and bandaged my head.
After resting for an hour, I knew I had to plan my next course of action. I got my sidekick and dearest friend, Alfred Underpants, and began formulating the plan. No doubt the little monster was enjoying my mac-and-cheese at that moment, so I had to move fast.
Alfred Underpants and I agreed that setting a trap for him to fall into was the best idea. I set it up between our two forts. It consisted of a delicious pile of dung from my dog, and me hiding in the nearby forest to hit him with my club.
And within seconds, the fly left my lunch to go enjoy my dogs crap. I grinned in satisfaction and moved in to attack.
But the fly was much quicker than I expected. He pulled out a sword of his own and so began the last battle, the one that could only end in death.
As you can expect, a sword is a much better weapon to have when in a sword fight than a club is, so with my buddy Alfred Underpants close by, I was thrown a sword.
The sound of metal clashing onto metal could be heard a mile away. We fought and fought, traveling through forests, across oceans, and even on the moon during this battle. Eventually, when back on earth, I knocked the sword right out of his hand and planted mine firmly on his chest.
"Yield," I growled. "For you have lost, and that macaroni is mine."
But little did I expect, the Fly was carrying a semi-automatic in his back pocket. He pointed it at my forehead and grinned that evil grin of his. I backed away, defeated.
But the Fly shows no mercy.
"Now you die," he buzzed, ignoring the rule of surrendering. I looked upon the face of death as my life flashed before my eyes.
Then I heard the bang.
But I wasn't dead. I was still alive, still on earth. I opened my eyes to see my best friend, Alfred Underpants, dead before me, the stuffing beneath his sown fur splattered upon the floor. I reached for him and held him close, murmuring his name.
Then, with a sudden adriligean rush like none other, I threw myself at the fly, the gun soaring from his hands. I punched him, kicked him, and fought him like I have never fought another fly.
Soon enough he was exhausted, and beaten, lying before my knees, begging for life.
"You killed my  best friend," I growled. "I should kill you."
He just looked at me with his thirty-six eyes, and anger boiled up inside of me. I wanted to kill him, to have his dead soul on my hands.
But I couldn't. It is not what Alfred Underpants would have wanted. And instead, I locked him in a glass cage with a little bit of sugar water and hung him from my ceiling.
And then I finished my delicious macaroni and cheese.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yey, Bad Mood Gone & New Haircut!

I'm actually in a pretty flippin' good mood! Whoop whoop! Actually... that's debatable. I'm happy when I'm not thinking about the fact that I'm quitting piano tonight (I've been taking lessons for like, seven years, by the way).
Last night I went to a concert! And let me just say it was magnificent! Not only was it a fantastic band, but it was just fun!
The band I saw was the Decemberists, and they are great. I highly recommend looking them up, you'll enjoy them, unless you don't, then you won't.
I also saw the opening band called the Blind Pilot, and they're pretty good too. I got a Decemberists tee-shirt, and a Blind Pilot shirt. And a CD. Yey!
Okay, I'm really not in the mood to write right now, so I'll be on later. (Oh, and tomorrow is my last day of school. YEY!)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I did something exciting. Actually, it's really not exciting, but it's gotten me through the past half an hour. I set up AOL mail and AIM for this blog. That way people can AIM me or send me an e-mail.
I actually had an account, but I forgot the username and password, so I set up another. It's quinnblogs@aol.com. I know, creative, right? Well, AIM doesn't work on this computer, so I access it through my iPod (you're jealous of my mad iPod touch skills). Same with the e-mail, because any kind of AOL thing slows down this computer so bad(ly?). So if you really want to e-mail me, for whatever reason, send it to quinnblogs@aol.com and if you want to AIM me, for whatever reason, I don't care, I love to chat, it's quinnblogs.
Mainly I did this because most of my life I'm pretty freaking bored, so somebody to entertain me is nice.

I'm in a Really Freaking Bad Mood

First I'll get this out of the way so I can rant about life. Three people are stalkers. This is actually a bit comforting, knowing I'm not the only creepy person around, no offence to you three stalkers.

Ok, like the title says, I'm in a freaking bad mood. My friend Melon texted me at nine fifty this morning to say good morning. I love this girl, but that's really early. Then I got up, sat at the computer for a couple of hours, then got ready to go shopping, only to find out that I'm not going shopping today. That blows, right?
And now that I'm in a super-pissy mood, I keep contemplating life. Don't worry, it's not in a suicidal way or anything. It's more like, normal teenage angst. And I hate teenage angst. Freaking hormones and such, they suck.
I feel like Harry Potter in the Potter Puppet Pals show, Wizard Angst. That is so me right now. I just really want to either punch something really hard, or take a nap, and I can't decide which to do.

Here's a question for all the six readers of this that I have, is it normal to ask yourself on a regular basis whether or not you're completely insane? Not like in the way that you hear voices that tell you to kill people, but more like... I don't know. Like somebody dropped you on the head when you were a baby, and no matter what you do, you can never be like everybody else.
Let me just stop right there and assure everyone that I don't want to be like everyone else, as I've said in previous posts. But I also don't want to be a total freak. Do you ever get the feeling like everything you do and say is completely opposite what everybody else does or says. Normally I would accept this ability with open arms, glad for a chance to swim against the tide, but it makes it so hard to function in a normal relationship. And it doesn't help your self-confidence when people whisper to each other behind their hands, giggle, and try to hide the fact that they're staring right at you. Douche. Bags. And yes, that has happened.

From now on I'm going to try and make my posts happier.

Happy time! I'm going to lighten things up and talk about my stalker, Creeper. Creeper and I used to be friends. And we had fun together, especially when Trouble and I stole his pants one time when we were out enjoying the summer (yes, we were outside. And I have some fantastic pictures of this, but I'm pretty sure he'd get pissed off if I showed them). But when Trouble and I broke up our friendship, Creeper and I drifted apart. But he kept my number and called maybe once-a-month to check up on me, and see how my life's going. I was fine with this, whatever.
But then he got texting (actually he just used his step-dad's phone). Let's just say, somebody who has stalked me in the past really shouldn't get texting (a couple years ago he used to call every day just to tell me how much he loves me, yadda yadda, ask me out, then when I refuse, tell me how much he loves this other girl in his class, but he doesn't even know her name. That habit died down when I told him to stop freaking me out.). So he texted me saying he got his step-dad's phone. I immediately sensed bad news, told him I was busy, and he said okay.
The next day I went to the mall with some friends. He texted and I ignored it. So he texted again, and I ignored it. He texted again asking why I was ignoring him, and I ignored it. Then he texted again, asking if I was mad at him. I ignored it. Then he called. I ignored it. He texted a couple more times, called a couple more times, and then texted some more. He texted me, in total, about twelve times in an hour, and called about three. Stalkerish behavior, right?
The next day he texted, asking why I was ignoring him. Then he called me a stupid nick-name, I blew up at him, and now he's brought it down to a couple times texting a week, which I'm okay with.
Okay, that story wasn't that exciting. I'm going to go watch Batman and be all pissy in the basement where I can't yell at anybody who so much as blinks the wrong way, which is possible with my pissy mood right now.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I've recently decided that I'm weird.
Honestly, this isn't news to me. Actually, I think everybody thinks they're weird, I'm pretty sure that's a normal part of being a teenager. But I feel so awkward all of the time, like people just look at me, roll their eyes and say "that girl is so weird." And honestly, it feels like shit. Now I don't know if people say that, and I really hope they don't. How am I supposed to get a boyfriend if everyone thinks I'm a freak? Mind you, I have never had a boyfriend. Ugh, it's embarrassing. Nobodies even asked me out (except for my creepy stalker friend, and he's really creepy. But that's another story).
Being a teenager sucks.
You know what else I'm tired of? People telling me I should wear more color. Mind you, I don't make my face pale, wear black lipstick and never come out of the shadows, but I'm always either wearing a black shirt or a black hoody, and I like black. So get over it.
Gosh, I'm PMSing. (if you can't tell.)
You know whose a GIANT ASS HOLE!?!?!?!? Dick Masterson. Ugh,  he's such an ass hole!
Actually, I probably shouldn't mention him on here. He's everywhere. :-/ Okay, he's probably not everywhere, but he pisses me off so much that I can't even mention him because I'll talk about how much of an ass hole he is and how he should fucking get over himself and stop treating women like shit.
Okay, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go on his website www.menarebetterthanwomen.com and it'll piss you off like none other. He basically thinks women are stupid, fat, lazy, whatever else bitches who should spend all their time either in the kitchen or having sex with their husbands. Oh, and we're all whores too.
Sometimes I can just go on his website and laugh. Othertimes, like today, I want to punch somebody really hard and I picture myself beating the crap out of that ass hole.
Oh, and this isn't slander because it's my own opinion... is that right? I should have paid more attention in journalism class.
Recently I've been really paranoid about getting sued. I don't know why, I have no idea. That's really weird...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saw 1 & 2

Okay, so, recently I watched two movies called (as you can probably figure out) Saw 1 and Saw 2. And they were awesome. Okay, so the blood and violence and torture gets a bit disturbing, but the movie is so cool! I do think I like the first one better though, just because it was a little more actiony and a little less constant torture, but they were both really cool.
So if you don't get grossed out by murder, torture, and a lot of blood, I would recommend these movies to you. I'm getting them off Netflix so it's taking a while to watch them all, but I'll get there.
And I guess they kind of do have a good message behind them. You know, it's these people who have to fight for their lives, and they learn to appreciate life more. Although you can probably get the message across without making them saw off their own foot, but hey, everybody has their hobbies.
So I've recently realized that British accents are probably the coolest freaking things ever. I mean, I might prefer French accents because they sound so romantic, but British accents... it just so... neat. I don't know, I have nothing to talk about so I'm rambling.
Oh, and you know how I mentioned the giant freeze tag thing? Well it got postponed (I don't know if I mention that) and now it's happening later this month. But another event has sprung up. ZOMBIE MOB! Basically a whole bunch of people dress up as zombies and parade around town. It's on YouTube somewhere, although I don't know what to search for because I can't find it. But just imagine; you're going through life and suddenly a butt-load of zombies come after you. Now, I'm sure I've mention that my second biggest fear is zombies, so if I saw this I'd probably whip out a machine gun and shoot them all down, so I'm really hoping nobody sees us who has a gun and is terrified of zombies.
Ok, well, I'm gonna go eat pizza and take a shower, because I'm stanky and hungry, and then I'm going bowling! Yey! :-) I love bowling.
Alright, bu-bye.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Stalkers Guide

And the winner of the Tim Burton poll is......
Quad-tie between the Batman movies
Sweeny Todd
Edward Sizzorhands
and other (which (sorry I completely forgot your name) posted in a comment. Thank you.)

You're probably wondering why I labeled this post "The Stalkers Guide." Well, it's quite simple really. Just read the title and it'll tell you everything!
Basically I was rollin' through life and I realized that it is very difficult to know whether or not you're a stalker. Well, at least I've contemplated this myself on numerous occasions. And I've come to the conclusion that yes, I am.
Well, here's a little check list I've set up so you can see if you're considered a stalker. Keep in mind this is written by a 15-year-old girl in her Freshmen year of high school, so it's probably not as reliable as something written by, say, a college graduate or somebody who as at least studied stalkers more than a few episodes of Law & Order. But hey, this beats buying a book all about stalkers, which probably ranges from 15$ - 50$. So you're welcome.

Are you a stalker?
Check off everything you are. If you check off more than 8 then yes, you're a stalker.
It doesn't matter who this pertains to. It could be an ex-lover, a wanna-be lover, or just a celebrity. Even a fictional character (although some of these you might have trouble with if that's the case.)
Anywho, enjoy!
  • You think about them constantly
  • You've dreamt about them more than once
  • You make excuses to drive by their house
  • You stare at them when they aren't aware of it
  • You picture your wedding day with them
  • You want to kill them and/or kidnap them
  • You don't consider yourself a stalker
  • You imagine yourself if the Saw movies with them
  • You get really frustrated when they ignore you or talk to somebody else
  • You're extremely jealous of everybody close to them
  • You do stupid things to get their attention
  • They're scared of you
  • When you kiss somebody else you're pretending you're kissing them
  • You picture them standing next to you when you're doing simple things, like answering the telephone or watching a movie
  • You know what's best for them
  • You laugh at all their jokes, even if it's a dumb one
  • You hate everything about them because you know they'll never love you
  • You checked yes to most of these for more than one person
Well, there you have it, the stalkers guide from a 15-year-olds perspective. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm at School

Bwahahahahahaha. I am actually in my journalism class and the computers are f^cked up, so some of the blocked websites are unblocked, such as blogspot! Yey! But some of the things that weren't blocked are now blocked, which super-sucks, such as Yahoo. Seriously, yahoo is blocked. That's such crap. Why would we look up porn on Yahoo? Well... I suppose some people might.
I am so embaressed about life. You know how I'm columnist for my school paper, right? Well I published a really crappy column and my picture is next to it and everybody got the paper yesturday and it's been so embaressing because people keep mentioning it and UGH! It blows.
Journalism is really boring. I'm supposed to be interviewing Target and then I have to design an ad for them by tomorrow, but I don't understand why I have to design an ad for Journalism! That makes no sense what-so-ever. But ok, fine, I'll do it. Blah to you too.
So last night I was up until about midnight (mostly because I was to embaressed to fall asleep, cause you know how sleeping makes time fly by, yadda-yadda) so I was watching YouTube videos on my iPod. I watched episodes of The Batman, actually only one episode. I watched the one where whats-her-face became Poison Ivy and her best friend became Batgirl and beat the crap out of her, and in that show Robin's a child and Batgirl's a child and Batman is like babysitting them, which is pretty funny because Batman's supposed to be all macho and kickin' ass but he's surrounded by little kids. It makes me giggle. Hee hee.
I love my grandparents. They're so weird, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it really makes me entirely aware of why I'm so weird. I mean, there's no doubt about the fact that I'm weird. I quoted Captain Underpants in my first ever column for crying out loud! That right there is major dork-ism.
Anywho, I came home from school on Tuesday and my grandpa was playing the accordian. That doesn't sound unusually odd when I type it down, but it is rather random.
I dunno, it's hard to explain my grandparents. They really are wonderful people though.
Gosh I'm bored. Like, unbelieveably bor...e...d
Well, not really idea. I've been planning this but the plan is finally set in motion. Wait for it...
I'm excited. My friend is picking me up and we're picking up my other friend and we're going to play freeze tag. Mind you, this is no ordinary game of freeze tag. This is freeze tag with over a hundred people running around, freezing each other and tagging people. FUN! SUPER FUN! I only know three people who will be there and that is me, my friend, and my other friend, so it'll be weird with a bunch of strangers, but TOTALLY AWESOME EITHER WAY! I'm excited, you have no idea!
Well sense I'm at school I should probably go do something productive, like interview Target or get people to do a survey for an assignment that I don't understand in the least.
Ok, bye.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hidden Chambers

So I was talking to Mylla and Gigantor on Sunday (they graduated from my current high school) and they were talking about all the cool things they found at the school, such as an underground pool and an old shooting range in the attic. I listened intently and then realized; I can be the next discoverer. I can go through the school and look for hidden passageways and chambers that are long forgotten.
I began my journey today.
My first trip was during first hour. It was band and we were doing sections (where each instrument goes into a separate room and practices their parts) while the teachers gave random crappy students playing tests. Well, nobody was actually practicing. People were running around and being stupid, so I decided hey, why not go do something productive? So I grabbed my camera and my friend Judge and we headed over to the staircase.
Now, we were practicing on the auditorium stage and there are several exits and entrances, so sneaking out was no problem what-so-ever. Judge and I went over to the stage doors, left the stage, and proceeded down one of the only flights of stairs that lead to the basement.
I had been down there twice before, and each time was when they stuck the flutes down there for sectionals. So I wasn't scared at first. I turned the light on and Judge and I entered the room.
The first room used to be where athletes would shower. There were old showers that are now filled with bugs and sand (no idea where the sand came from) and there's a bunch of random crap that got stored there because I guess the school administratives decided storing stuff in storage closets isn't "cool." The next room was filled to the top with filing cabinets. I looked around quickly, searching for a pool, then gave up when I thought the teachers might catch us down there.
But I'll go there tomorrow because I didn't get any good pictures.
The next section of the basement I went to I brought Judge and Curly (BTW new people, I haven't mentioned them yet before). This staircase was right next to the band room where the teachers were, and I got pissed off because I made it to the bottom (out of sight of the teachers) and Judge and Curly were freaking out at the top. Of course, I did force them to come with me because hells no I was NOT doing THAT alone!
Well, the door at the bottom of the steps was really heavy, and the room inside had a light on. Actually, the room was really big and there was a giant boiler in the middle of it. It was neat. There were also lots of cement walls and doorways carved into them (but the doorways had no frames so it was really creepy) so I took a couple pictures and ran back upstairs.
Next (I know this is getting a bit repetitive) we went up the stairs (the same ones we went down the second time) and found a secret loft next to the stage where there are pillows and a bunch of people go up there to smoke pot. I also think the drama kids go up there during plays so they can get ready or something... I don't know, we don't really have a back stage. I think people get ready in the band room and stuff, which really isn't a great place to put on make-up and what not.
Lastly, my friend Mad-Hatter, who is a sophomore and we met in journalism class, went with me back to the boiler room. We explored a whole bunch and found a torture chamber (at least it looked like it. It was really creepy, I thought a ghost was going to come out and kill us, and we'd turn into those annoying girls in those horror movies who, instead of calling the police or running away, decide to go try and make friends with the ghost, and then get eaten, or whatever ends up happening...). But we didn't. Actually, we found a weird room with a bunch of computers and a Star Wars-looking stuff, like... never mind, it's hard to explain.
All in all, it was a fun, eventful day. Tomorrow I'm going to try and explore more of the "storage" room because apparently there's a bunch more stuff past all the piled-up shit.
Plus I really like the adventure. I love the rush you get when you're doing something you're not supposed to, and at any time anything could happen. That feeling is amazing!
Until next time.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I was messing around with my microphone just a couple of seconds ago and I realized that if I post a podcast on here, that would possibly be the most embarrassing thing of my entire life. I'll sound really stupid and then Mylla will make fun of me forever and it's totally not worth it. Mind you, I'll probably do it someday, but not today. I was looking forward to it, but the public humiliation of having my voice on the internet where anybody can see it is too much, thank-you-very-much. So I'll just stick to blogging until I can think of something interesting enough that it would require creating a podcast.
Enjoy life while I nurse a splitting headache.
Ha ha it was some dude looking for Dug (not makin' this name up). Trust me, nobody here has the name Dug. Ha ha, Dug. I actually kind of like that name. When I adopt a Chinese baby, perhaps I'll name it Dug.

I Give Up... No I Don't!

Ok, before I tell you how sorry I am for not posting in... nearly a month, let me first tell you the results of the last poll I had.
And it was a tie between three votes! Soooooooooo the winners are:
Thanks for playing...
Ok, so, in order to keep me interested in this blog thing I'm thinking about making a podcast. That would be super neat! I need a name for it but my mom and step-dad are leaving to go do errands in a few minutes so I'll probably play around with it then. I have a microphone and a program where I can play around with different sounds, except the problem is, I have no idea how to get it on here. I'll probably do a test one and then try and get it up, but I'll probably sound really stupid on it... But it would be fun, so don't judge me too harshly.
Let's see... what has happened to me in nearly a month? Um... I ate two whole packs of Junior Mints last night. They were freaking delicious, except now I'm sad because there are none left. I haven't driven any more, which sucks because I really want to. I got a Six Flags season pass, which is awesome because I love roller coasters, except they don't really scare me any more, which sucks... I had a dream I fell in a pool, which isn't very interesting... Wow, if this is how my blog is going, my podcast is going to be even more boring. No, hopefully you'll be entertained. I'll try my best.
Well, I WILL write another post tomorrow. I vow to it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent News

Like I promised, here are the events of the past week or so since I haven't been online. Hopefully the pictures will work...
OK, so, Wednesday was my BIRTHDAY! I'm fifteen now and I got my permit and I went driving and I dominated the wheel! Actually, honestly, I really didn't. The first time I drove was super scary because I coasted and then slammed down on the brake and Mylla went flying and got really pissed at me I think, but it was fun. Then I drove around in circles and got up to 15 MILES PER HOUR! WHOOP WHOOP! Unfortunately only Mylla has a picture of me driving and I don't have her camera with me so you can't see that. But, you can see other stuff if the pictures work...
Presents presents presents. I was spoiled. From The Jerk I got an iPod Touch which I named Jesus because now every time I plug it into my computer Jesus pops up on the screen:

From Mylla I got a super-pretty-hand made purse that she will soon be selling to the public (different ones she's going to make, not mine. Actually, I was reaching around in it today during Spanish and I felt something cold and wet so I freaked out, naturally, and pulled it out... It was an olive.):

From my mom and step-dad I got a digital camera! And from my friend Tumble I got a purple hoody! (Purple is my favorite color) And they bought me cheese cake (my mom and step-dad):

And I can't upload a picture of the cake itself because this stupid computer is being a butt, but it was glorious. Yum, Oreo cheesecake with whipped cream and... yum... I couldn't eat it all that night so I finished it the next morning for breakfast.
OK, lets see. Oh! Another exciting thing I did was I played with my school band on our baseball field (you know, the big stadium for our country's team. Like the Yankees!) on Tuesday and I got really close to a baseball player and it was super exciting but he ignored us because we probably sounded really bad. Not as bad as the choir though. I've never personally heard a bad choir but wow, they were all tone deaf or something.
I'm also starting a Zumba class and I feel really awkward in my Batman shirt trying to dance next to really tall Mylla and extra tall friend of Mylla (I can't come up with a good nickname for her so right now she's just "extra tall friend of Mylla") because they're both tall and I'm short so I felt dumb but it was fun!
Mr. Leprosy is leaving on Friday! It's his last day! So good bye Mr. Leprosy and hello Coach Flower! Coach Flower is awesome! He's super neat (yes, he. Don't be fooled by his name). He's almost as cool as Ms. Jake my ex-world geography teacher. Almost.
I'm still waiting for my Christmas present from Bear! I'm kind of pissed at her because it's only been... hmm... four months!
Well, I'm going to go play video games. I'm glad I got you all up-to-date.
One more thing. I went to the greatest dentist place ever yesterday! They have televisions in the room so while they clean your teeth you can watch t.v. It's exciting.
Good night (even though it's still daytime. Thinking ahead!).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I know it's been forever! I'm still here, don't worry. I  had a busy week which I will talk about in my next blog (as soon as my mom gets home from her date with my step-dad and gives me the device that allows me to upload photos from my camera) and it includes my FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!! AHHHH! AND I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop!
The poll results (from like two weeks ago) about clowns are...
66% (2 votes) of people are afraid of clowns only if they basically try and kidnap you. Good call, people.
And 33% (one vote) are like "Bam Bam! Dead clown!" Ok, no, no killing clowns (especially the Joker <3)
Anyway, once again I'm sorry. Actually, for the first time I'm sorry. I'm dumb. But my next blog will be super exciting with pictures (if I can figure out how to get pictures on here). I'll try and get it up tomorrow! Definently not tonight though, because I am going to watch Reaper, do Biology homework *barf*, and watch Marley and Me because it's already two days over due.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Good News!

I have some good news to announce! *hem hem* quite everyone. I am... the new columnist for my school paper! I got the one and only opinion column and I get to write whatever I want every month and everybody will read it. I'm so excited! It's my dream to become a columnist for the New York Times!
Also I have the job of decorating the bulletin board outside of the newspaper room and making it all pretty! Plus I'm the unofficial intern to this kid named Steve and I'm basically his minion. It's fun, actually. I feel like I'm in my twenties, fetching things like coffee for my boss. But I have to write a column by Tuesday, and I have to also write a story about summer concerts in my city. I haven't started either... Any ideas on my column?
Itchy. Soooooo itchy.
I'm really scared right now. I'm  home alone and I was walking around my dining room table in circles, talking to my sister on the phone, and someone (or something) started to scratch at my front door. I think it was my cat, because sometimes when she wants to come inside she hooks herself onto our screen door and just hangs there, meowing until somebody opens the door.
My birthday is on Wednesday! Yeyyyyy! I'm super excited. I think I'm getting a digital camera, because my other one broke, but that's kind of pricey so I might just be getting cheap iPod speakers or something.
I think I'm going to go watch the Office. Yey, best show ever.
By the way, I really want a smoothie.