Monday, March 9, 2009


In case you haven't noticed there is a poll I created myself to the left of this post. It is about superheros (whoop whoop). If you have the literally three seconds (if that) it takes to answer the poll I would greatly appreciate it. So far two people have voted, but we need more! I will post the results as soon as the poll is over, then I will make a new poll. Exciting, right? Yes...
Any ideas for a good topic for the poll? Tell me! Ugh, I feel like one of those really cheesy commercials for... what's that college called? It's like, "Someone will take your call 24 hours, all night and weekends too." Honey, 24 hours means all night. You go to college, or at least you are advertising that you do. Shouldn't you at least make sense when you speak? Anyway... I feel like I should be talking in a business voice with a blue-tooth head set on my ear. Don't you hate those? You're not sure if the creepy old guy next to you is trying to start a conversation or is completely insane. Then he turns around and BAM! There's his phone. Then you decide not to call the psycho ward.
You know what sucks? Money. Well, at least it sucks when you have to spend it. Like, I just got babysitting money on... Saturday? Yeah. Well, anyway, it's Monday and half of it is gone already. At least I'm babysitting on Thursday also. Maybe I should put some in my bank account? Nah, I'm probably going to buy something I really don't need but at the time am thinking, "You know what would go great with this Darth Vader action figure? Hungry Hungry Hippo!" To be honest that has never happened. But it could!
And have you ever played that game? It's magnificent.
Well, I think I'm going to go and eat the Tic Tacs I just bought. Yep, bought.

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  1. $$ goes that way for me too, it's so annoying!