Sunday, March 8, 2009

My day

Yesterday sucked, clear as day. I will take you on an overview of my day.
I woke up at 5:30 and ran to the toilet to barf. Well, I didn't barf, but I almost fell asleep on the bathroom floor with my arms wrapped around my aching stomach. Then I made it back to bed and fell asleep.
At like eight or something I woke up for good (really early for me) and went upstairs. The 'rents went out for coffee so I decided to take a bath and blast the music (which I can't do when anyone else is home). I got out of the bath singing and happy, and I went to put on my shirt.
One sniff and I almost threw up. I am very familiar with the scent of cat pee, because we used to have a really old cat who peed everywhere, and my shirt was defiantly DRENCHED in piss. I threw it into the bathtub (now empty) and ran downstairs to check the rest of my clean laundry hamper where I got the shirt out of. Yup, cat pee everywhere. Ew, my clean laundry. I looked around for my cat... to kill.
I got dressed in a different black tank-top, one that my cat hadn't infected in it's vile waste. Then I waited for my friend to come over so we could go on a bike ride. I saw her and ran out the front door.
My door usually is really heavy and closes really slowly and it requires a great amount of strength to move it. But, I guess, because it was warm yesterday there wasn't any moisture in the wood or something. So when I pulled it really hard behind me I didn't get my finger out of the way in time. I probably cussed really loudly, I don't remember, but I looked down at my giant purple, throbbing middle finger.
"Was that your finger?" Tumble (previously known as Black) asked from her bike on my driveway.
I was bent over my finger, laughing at my stupidity and hoping I didn't break it.
"I think I broke it," I said as I walked down the steps towards her, but decided to go on my bike ride anyway, despite my pain.
When I got my bike out of the over-crowded shed in the backyard I brought it down our newly finished driveway. Because cars aren't allowed to drive on it yet there is yellow caution tape about the hight of my knee blocking the driveway. I decided to, instead of going around said caution tape, to attempt to carry my bike over.
It didn't work. I dropped in on the ground then fell on top of it. It hurt, and now I have a bruise and a black pattern of possibly greece (do bikes have greece? Is that how you spell greece?) on my leg that won't come off.
Little things happened after those main things. I was getting water at a restaurant and I missed the cup so it got all over my feet, then my feet sweated so they got really stanky. Then I almost fell over my bike again after this really cute bike person filled up my tires, but luckily caught myself.
Yup, that was my day. Oh, and I've decided I really like the word yup. It's fun to say. Yup. But it also sounds like it belongs in a Dr. Suess book.
Ah ha ha ha! I just realized something! The 'rents are out on a run and it just started raining really hard! Ha ha!
Now I feel mean. I think I'm gonna go outside now. See ya.

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