Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recent News

Like I promised, here are the events of the past week or so since I haven't been online. Hopefully the pictures will work...
OK, so, Wednesday was my BIRTHDAY! I'm fifteen now and I got my permit and I went driving and I dominated the wheel! Actually, honestly, I really didn't. The first time I drove was super scary because I coasted and then slammed down on the brake and Mylla went flying and got really pissed at me I think, but it was fun. Then I drove around in circles and got up to 15 MILES PER HOUR! WHOOP WHOOP! Unfortunately only Mylla has a picture of me driving and I don't have her camera with me so you can't see that. But, you can see other stuff if the pictures work...
Presents presents presents. I was spoiled. From The Jerk I got an iPod Touch which I named Jesus because now every time I plug it into my computer Jesus pops up on the screen:

From Mylla I got a super-pretty-hand made purse that she will soon be selling to the public (different ones she's going to make, not mine. Actually, I was reaching around in it today during Spanish and I felt something cold and wet so I freaked out, naturally, and pulled it out... It was an olive.):

From my mom and step-dad I got a digital camera! And from my friend Tumble I got a purple hoody! (Purple is my favorite color) And they bought me cheese cake (my mom and step-dad):

And I can't upload a picture of the cake itself because this stupid computer is being a butt, but it was glorious. Yum, Oreo cheesecake with whipped cream and... yum... I couldn't eat it all that night so I finished it the next morning for breakfast.
OK, lets see. Oh! Another exciting thing I did was I played with my school band on our baseball field (you know, the big stadium for our country's team. Like the Yankees!) on Tuesday and I got really close to a baseball player and it was super exciting but he ignored us because we probably sounded really bad. Not as bad as the choir though. I've never personally heard a bad choir but wow, they were all tone deaf or something.
I'm also starting a Zumba class and I feel really awkward in my Batman shirt trying to dance next to really tall Mylla and extra tall friend of Mylla (I can't come up with a good nickname for her so right now she's just "extra tall friend of Mylla") because they're both tall and I'm short so I felt dumb but it was fun!
Mr. Leprosy is leaving on Friday! It's his last day! So good bye Mr. Leprosy and hello Coach Flower! Coach Flower is awesome! He's super neat (yes, he. Don't be fooled by his name). He's almost as cool as Ms. Jake my ex-world geography teacher. Almost.
I'm still waiting for my Christmas present from Bear! I'm kind of pissed at her because it's only been... hmm... four months!
Well, I'm going to go play video games. I'm glad I got you all up-to-date.
One more thing. I went to the greatest dentist place ever yesterday! They have televisions in the room so while they clean your teeth you can watch t.v. It's exciting.
Good night (even though it's still daytime. Thinking ahead!).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I know it's been forever! I'm still here, don't worry. I  had a busy week which I will talk about in my next blog (as soon as my mom gets home from her date with my step-dad and gives me the device that allows me to upload photos from my camera) and it includes my FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!! AHHHH! AND I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop!
The poll results (from like two weeks ago) about clowns are...
66% (2 votes) of people are afraid of clowns only if they basically try and kidnap you. Good call, people.
And 33% (one vote) are like "Bam Bam! Dead clown!" Ok, no, no killing clowns (especially the Joker <3)
Anyway, once again I'm sorry. Actually, for the first time I'm sorry. I'm dumb. But my next blog will be super exciting with pictures (if I can figure out how to get pictures on here). I'll try and get it up tomorrow! Definently not tonight though, because I am going to watch Reaper, do Biology homework *barf*, and watch Marley and Me because it's already two days over due.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Good News!

I have some good news to announce! *hem hem* quite everyone. I am... the new columnist for my school paper! I got the one and only opinion column and I get to write whatever I want every month and everybody will read it. I'm so excited! It's my dream to become a columnist for the New York Times!
Also I have the job of decorating the bulletin board outside of the newspaper room and making it all pretty! Plus I'm the unofficial intern to this kid named Steve and I'm basically his minion. It's fun, actually. I feel like I'm in my twenties, fetching things like coffee for my boss. But I have to write a column by Tuesday, and I have to also write a story about summer concerts in my city. I haven't started either... Any ideas on my column?
Itchy. Soooooo itchy.
I'm really scared right now. I'm  home alone and I was walking around my dining room table in circles, talking to my sister on the phone, and someone (or something) started to scratch at my front door. I think it was my cat, because sometimes when she wants to come inside she hooks herself onto our screen door and just hangs there, meowing until somebody opens the door.
My birthday is on Wednesday! Yeyyyyy! I'm super excited. I think I'm getting a digital camera, because my other one broke, but that's kind of pricey so I might just be getting cheap iPod speakers or something.
I think I'm going to go watch the Office. Yey, best show ever.
By the way, I really want a smoothie. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


You know what I don't understand? Marriage. You'll either come out dead or single. You know how people getting married say that they're in love? Well that's a bunch of bull, because half of them end up divorced anyway. So why go through the drag of marriage? Instead, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, date them, then, as soon as you're tired of each other (which will happen) leaving is easy. Just pack up and move on out. That way, you don't have to go through all the paperwork and the humiliation of telling everybody you're divorced. Because obviously some thing's fucked up with you if you couldn't make it fucking work! So don't even fucking try, please, because everybody who has to watch your life fall apart feels miserable too.