Monday, March 16, 2009

And the Results are In!

Our winner is (drum roll, please)...
With a total of 66% aka 2 votes
Second and last place is...
Super hero hater *boo*

But that's ok. We all have our opinions and likes and disslikes. For example, nearly everyone I know likes snakes, but I hate them. See? So it's ok that someone doesn't like superheros. If everybody had the same views life would be boring. Who would we argue with to get out our frustration?
Oh, must go continue playing Vampire Wars on Facebook. Great use of my time, I know. Taa taa.
Also, sorry about the font.
Also, there is another poll up. Vote vote vote! (oh, and you can select multple answers on this one. And if you have another name you prefer just comment on the post with the results)

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