Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweeny Todd

You know what's a great movie? You guessed it, Sweeny Todd. Ah, I love it! Even though Johnny Depp is kind of old, he's still attractive! Especially when he's all dressed up in his Jack Sparrow thing, or his Sweeny Todd thing! The one movie he does look like butt in is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love that movie and all, but seriously, he is really creepy in it.
The reason I'm talking about Sweeny Todd is because I'm listening to the soundtrack. This song is... A Little Priest, the one where they are dancing around the Mrs. Lovettes Pie Shop, him holding a knife and her holding a bread roller thing, singing about how they are going to kill people and cook them in pies. Yeah, it's a pretty disturbing movie, but hey, that's Tim Burton for ya.
I have a band concert tonight (a school one, the band, you know?). I play the flute in it and our band sounds really crappy. The band is divided into two sections. The good section is called Wind Ensemble and that's where all the good players go. Their band is really good! Like, amazing! But our band... ha ha ha. Not so much. We're playing six songs, one with a harp! I really want to learn how to play the harp! It is so pretty! So I've decided that, after I move into my loft in New York City, I will get a harp and take lessons. The good band is playing a fifteen minute song, a ten minute song, and like, two or three other five minute songs. There goes my night, having to listen to them. No, it'll be nice. I like listening to good music. But I'm not going to eat until after that and it's already five o' clock.
Now I'm seriously just rambling. I really want to write but I have nothing to write about. Nada. ¿Como estas? That's Spanish. Skill! I'm on my second year of Spanish and so far I can say three words. Whoop-de-doo.
Ugh! I just had something to say and now it's gone.
Well, so I don't take up any more of your time with my pointless conversation with myself I'm going to go and... damn. Prance around the house in my pretty new shoes (courtesy of Tumble)!
Oh yeah! I remember what I was going to say, but it doesn't seem very interesting any more. And, ha ha, I just forgot it again. Ah well, that's life for ya.


  1. i can speak about 3 words of spanish too and i've taken it for like four years or something...haha. I LOVE SWEENEY TODD! my friends are always singing the songs on the bus...the sixth graders are very afraid of us

  2. You can't call them songs, they're pieces

  3. AH HA HA HA! That's amazing, Kweenclaude!!!!!

  4. aw, baby sister, you know why you don't know any spanish? it's because you always send me text messages during spanish class that say "i'm bored". maybe if you start texting me in spanish...