Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Do you believe in ghosts? Perhaps that should be my next poll topic. Do you believe in the boogie man under your bed or the skeleton in your closet? Do you think Bloody Mary will get you if you say her name three times in a bathroom mirror (where did that rumor even come from? Isn't the bathroom the must embarrassing place to brutally murder someone?). Are you so scared in the dark that you can't move your legs and when you finally manage to turn on the light you insist there was something just there that just hid in the nick of time? Then when you start screaming for someone to come in and rescue you from the clutches of the evil thing they vanish in the whiff of smoke?
Well, I've never seen a ghost, but I know many people who have, or at least claim they have. A great example of this is the sixth grade bathroom.
There was only one nice bathroom at my sixth grade school. It was next to the library and had automatic flushers and everything. Oh, it was so cool, and us big kids thought we were super special for using the awesome bathrooms when the little kids weren't allowed to. Then we began hearing the rumors.
First main rumor was that these three girls (Blondie, Emma, and Boom) saw a pair of feet sticking out of the bathroom stall. They were bare feet and they stopped about at the ankle. Apparently they all screamed and ran out of the bathroom.
Then other rumors began unfolding. One girl said all the toilets flushed one at a time in a line. Another said the sinks started turning on randomly. So of course, instead of eating lunch, Trouble (sorry, lots of names for you to keep track of) and I would take a Juigi Board and go into the bathroom, sit in the biggest stall (this was rumored as the most haunted), and try and communicate with the ghost. It never talked back, but we never stopped trying. Sometimes other's would join us and we'd trick each other into thinking the ghost was making sounds, and even though you knew it was you all alone making the beeping or snapping noise, you still run out screaming with the rest of them, afraid to be left alone.
Looking back do I really think it was haunted? No. Blondie and Boom admitted to making the whole scenario up so Emma wouldn't look nuts, and I never personally saw anything. But I still can't help wonder...
Wow, I guess I'm a horrible ghost-hunter. To be perfectly honest I don't much mind. I believe in the supernatural, yes, but I would never take a career in chasing them with a video camera at night. Wow, some people are really stupid. That would scare the sh*t out of me.
Well, I guess I'll know for sure when I die. Hope I don't find out soon. Until later.

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