Monday, March 30, 2009

Poll results and more

Holy crap. Hollllly crappppp! It's been nearly a week since I've been on here! What is wrong with me???
Anyway, newest poll results.

I am very glad that there are people out there who appreciate Harry Potter! Go you!
And 25% of the vote says that one person doesn't care about Harry Potter either way.
Well, that's better than hate, I suppose.

But, not that I'm giving myself an excuse, the reason I haven't been talking is because it was spring break! Well, I can't be happy because it's over, but it was real nice while it lasted. In total I cleaned my room (thank you, Ava), got Little Miss Sunshine back from Mylla, had a slumber part at Myllas, which was awesome. We saw I Love You, Man which was HYSTARICAL! I highly recommend seeing it if you have the chance. There are a lot of jokes about wieners, but it was funny. Ha ha.
Lets see, what else did I do? I got a horrible hair cut which I'm trying to get used to. I babysat... wow, I did virtually nothing. Sure what I did was fun, but those things that I mentioned lasted three days total, so that left several days where I slept in until noon, sat at the computer for hours on end (so I'm controdicting myself with the whole "not having time to write in this blog" thing.) and successfully didn't watch Batman. This isn't a success, actually, it's a dissappointment. I got about halfway through Batman Begins and fell asleep (while it was still on I was painting my nails), then started it the next night but turned it off after about ten minutes. Oh! And I organized my DVD's so my favorite movies are on the top shelf, then my least favorite on the bottom. I know, I have a life, right?
See, aren't you glad I didn't write? My whole blog would probably be about having nothing to do. Speaking of which I should be doing my math homework but really, who needs algebra? We're learning about using the graphing calculator and I think the only reason I would ever need that in real life would be if I decide to become an algebra teacher. Same with solving equations and shit, I mean really. y=2x+14 wtf? Who gives a fuck?!
Nope, no cussing. I am becoming very civil... ha ha who am I kidding? Curse words are wired into my brain (thank you, Mylla).
Well, I'm going to go do something else for fifteen minutes, then do my homework. (shoot me, please, in the foot. Yesssss foot.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Teeth-Brushing Incident

OK, just now I realized that I really wanted to brush my teeth. I was beginning to get that feeling of having mold growing on them and it was unpleasant to run my tongue along. So I went into the bathroom excitedly.
As I was brushing my tongue (I had to get the pink off because I was chewing bubble gum) I danced to the song playing in my moms office. Then, because I wasn't paying attention to my brushing, pink toothpaste dribbled down my chin and onto my Joker shirt. I cursed silently and leaned over the sink to spit. Underestimating the distance from my head to the fosit, my forehead bounced painfully off the silver arch. Then, growing more angry, I spit my tooth-paste infested saliva into the sink. But I forgot my hand was hovering under my chin, and it plopped right into my palm.
My head still hurts.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yey! People voted!

Ok, the results are once again in. This time there is a dye for first, and one second place. Drumroll, please...
Mia (66%)
Emma (66%)

Coraline (33%)

I just realized... I have no idea how two things both got 66 % because that doesn't add up to 100. Am I missing something here.
Ugh, don't you hate it when you're so tired you can barely live? Yeah, that's how it is right now. 
Oh! I had Dippin' Dots today! Have you ever had them? They are magical!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Energy Drink

Ok, yesterday I had the genius idea of going to the store, renting Twilight (wait for my explination), and buying an energy drink and chocolate. First of all, I was extremely emberresed about renting Twilight, and I will explain why I did it:
I couldn't help but go see the movie in theaters with my friend who had never read the books. I guess I had a moment of weakness. Well, throughout the movie I was basically laughing hystarically. The actor who played Edward is actually British, you know, so his voice the whole time sounded like he had some speech defect! Then when he smelled Bella the first time in their Biology class he looked SO FUNNY! HA HA HA HA HA! I can't explain it but it was pretty hystaricle. Then when she had the venom running through her at the end she sounded like she was giving birth. And when Edward had to suck it out Carlisle was like:
Edward, stop. Stop.  You're killing her.
He was so... no emotion. It was pretty funny. Anyway, it's kind of difficult to explain, but it was funny. Anyway, on with my story.
So I came home from the store and drank my Rockstar, finished it about midnight, then ate my chocolate. I turned on Twilight and basically laughed through the whole thing. Then at about one-in-the-morning I came upstairs to sleep in the living room because I think my cat peed on my bed. Ugh, I'm going to vomit and kill my cat. I think she thinks all my personal belongings are her own personally litter boxes. Soooo gross. Well, I fell asleep about two-thirty watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Bueller... Bueller...

Friday, March 20, 2009


Wow, today was the first day of spring break and I woke up at seven this morning (yes, seven, seven!) Then I spent about four hours playing Vampire Wars on Facebook and ate pizza. Then I took a shower, went to Starbucks by myself, then came back at like three and have been playing Vampire Wars since then. Wow, this is sad. And it's the first day of spring break, so I should be doing something actually fun. But, no, that's not possible.
Oh, oh, Loose Lips by Kimya Dawson on my iPod! Yessss I love this song!


The truth is a funny thing. Because, if you think about it, most people aren't honest. I consider honesty my most important value, but I was just thinking today, and I'm not honest. Of course, I don't go around saying I'm a billionaire movie star with a criminal record and I'm in a pack of ninjas, first of all because no one would believe that, and also because I have no real reason to. But if someone asks me "Hey, be honest, does this dress make me look fat?" and I take on look and am reminded of a giant sausage stuffed into a balloon (I am not making a sex pun) I say "No, you look great!" which is a total load of crap. But I know that even though she said "I won't be offended" I know she actually will, and will probably cry herself to sleep.
Some people will call this a little white lie, right? Well, I don't really believe in white lies. A lie is a lie, but some are for good reasons. Some things you just shouldn't say or tell people. And I think most people do lie in this context.
Then there is the second type of lie. This lie is for people who are in life-and-death situations, or something not quite that dramatic. Like, a teacher comes up to you and says "did you put that tack on my chair?"
"No, Mr. Leprosy, I would never dream of doing something like that." While you say this you are laughing in your head. Ha ha, sucker. This lie is probably the least common, unless you lie often or do things that will get you in trouble on a regular basis. But usually if the teacher asks you they already have evidence that leads to you, so it's probably just easier to confess in the beginning, otherwise you have to lie more.
"Really? Because I just watched you take the tack out of the board and put it on my chair."
"Oh! Is that your chair?" or "Oh! I was looking for that tack! Thanks for finding it for me!"
Soon you find yourself sitting in the principals office, explaining how you have really poor eyesight and you mistake tables for chairs, or how you got hit by a bus when you were a small child and you lose things easily.
Two hours later...
Your at home being yelled at by your parents for lying, trying to hurt your annoying teachers, and all that jazz.
The third final lie is the most common for people who find their life extremely boring and feel the need to spice it up a bit. I find this lie totally pointless and only used when people have nothing else to do with their time. It's  basically when (like my first example) someone says they are something or did something that they didn't actually do. There is no gaining behind this and can easily get you caught, especially if someone asks for details. So, if I were you, I would avoid those altogether.
Uh-oh, I must go. Chow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm not sure why, but whenever I'm writing and concentrating really hard on something I always think it would be very appropriate to fall backwards in my chair so the back of my chair and my head collide with the floor. Actually, that would hurt a lot, so I'm not sure why I really think that would be a good idea. But it just feels like it would fit in perfectly with the moment. Hmm...


Do you believe in ghosts? Perhaps that should be my next poll topic. Do you believe in the boogie man under your bed or the skeleton in your closet? Do you think Bloody Mary will get you if you say her name three times in a bathroom mirror (where did that rumor even come from? Isn't the bathroom the must embarrassing place to brutally murder someone?). Are you so scared in the dark that you can't move your legs and when you finally manage to turn on the light you insist there was something just there that just hid in the nick of time? Then when you start screaming for someone to come in and rescue you from the clutches of the evil thing they vanish in the whiff of smoke?
Well, I've never seen a ghost, but I know many people who have, or at least claim they have. A great example of this is the sixth grade bathroom.
There was only one nice bathroom at my sixth grade school. It was next to the library and had automatic flushers and everything. Oh, it was so cool, and us big kids thought we were super special for using the awesome bathrooms when the little kids weren't allowed to. Then we began hearing the rumors.
First main rumor was that these three girls (Blondie, Emma, and Boom) saw a pair of feet sticking out of the bathroom stall. They were bare feet and they stopped about at the ankle. Apparently they all screamed and ran out of the bathroom.
Then other rumors began unfolding. One girl said all the toilets flushed one at a time in a line. Another said the sinks started turning on randomly. So of course, instead of eating lunch, Trouble (sorry, lots of names for you to keep track of) and I would take a Juigi Board and go into the bathroom, sit in the biggest stall (this was rumored as the most haunted), and try and communicate with the ghost. It never talked back, but we never stopped trying. Sometimes other's would join us and we'd trick each other into thinking the ghost was making sounds, and even though you knew it was you all alone making the beeping or snapping noise, you still run out screaming with the rest of them, afraid to be left alone.
Looking back do I really think it was haunted? No. Blondie and Boom admitted to making the whole scenario up so Emma wouldn't look nuts, and I never personally saw anything. But I still can't help wonder...
Wow, I guess I'm a horrible ghost-hunter. To be perfectly honest I don't much mind. I believe in the supernatural, yes, but I would never take a career in chasing them with a video camera at night. Wow, some people are really stupid. That would scare the sh*t out of me.
Well, I guess I'll know for sure when I die. Hope I don't find out soon. Until later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

And the Results are In!

Our winner is (drum roll, please)...
With a total of 66% aka 2 votes
Second and last place is...
Super hero hater *boo*

But that's ok. We all have our opinions and likes and disslikes. For example, nearly everyone I know likes snakes, but I hate them. See? So it's ok that someone doesn't like superheros. If everybody had the same views life would be boring. Who would we argue with to get out our frustration?
Oh, must go continue playing Vampire Wars on Facebook. Great use of my time, I know. Taa taa.
Also, sorry about the font.
Also, there is another poll up. Vote vote vote! (oh, and you can select multple answers on this one. And if you have another name you prefer just comment on the post with the results)

Friday, March 13, 2009

OMG! lol ttyl!

You know what really grinds my gears (yes, I am quoting Family Guy)? When people say ''lol'' even when they aren't "laughing out loud". Ya know? It's like this fake text conversation:
Stacy: Hi Lucy, watz up gurl?
Lucy: Omg! Stacy, is that u? I haven't seen u in 4eva!
Stacy: Omg I just heard the funniest joke! LMAO! Wanna hear it?
Lucy: Like, duh.
Stacy: Knock knock.
Lucy: Like, whose there?
Stacy: Orange.
Lucy: Orange who?
Stacy: Orange u glad I didn't say banana?
Lucy: Lol!
Seriously, people, that's not funny. I'm sure people who text don't find cheesey knock-knock jokes funny. I find several knock knock jokes funny, but not that one. And it's not even about the joke! It's about the fact that people say lol and they aren't laughing out loud. So why say that? You should say LIMN (laughing in my head) or TF (that's funny) or just the simple ha ha. Especially LMAO or ROFL or, which is my personal least favorite, ROFLMAO. Just in case you don't know what those are LMAO is Laughing My Ass Off, ROFL is Rolling On Floor Laughing and ROFLMAO is Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off. If you are rolling on the floor laughing your ass off it must of been a fucking hilarious joke because I have never seen someone fall on the ground and start rolling back and forth, clutching their ass from a text message. Let's be realistic here.
Is making fun of people who do that racist?
To be honest I am kind of a hypocrite. I do say my share fair of LOL but only, and I have vowed to only say it when I am actually laughing out loud. Like when I ready Mylla's blog about my really fat cat getting stuck in the cat door and, unable to free itself, tore the cat door out of the door and walked around for several days stuck with a cat door around its middle until my neighbors cut it out, yes, in the case I did say LOL. But I was laughing so hard I was practically crying.
Also, I just went to the mall and I didn't buy anything. What is wrong with me?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I. Hate. Mornings.
Ok, not true. I like really, really early mornings, like one o' clock in the morning, possibly two. But I hate the morning before school. I have literally five alarms and I still don't wake up until forty-five minutes after the first alarm goes off, at six. And it's a physical pain that keeps me from getting up. I can't describe how I am dying, because I am always so tired that I don't remember, but I do remember thinking "what happened to the night? Where did it go? One minute I was climbing into bed and now I have to get up and start a long, miserable day all over again. Please, five more minutes." But then, as I lay there staring at my black ceiling (which has a tampon and dental floss dangling from a nail which sticks out (for whatever reason)) my other alarm goes off (they are set at going off at different times so I always have to move). This is the alarm that is on my clock so it sounds like a truck or a really loud, angry duck. This is possibly my least favorite noise, so I always rush to turn it off. Then my phone alarm goes off (my phone has three alarms on it) and I slouch like a zombie back to by bed, collapse on it, and fumble for my phone which is now lost within my covers. As soon as I manage to find it my iPod goes off and I have to crawl to the end of my bed and reach over the railing to turn the volume down so the 'rents don't get pissed that it's too loud. Then my second phone alarm goes off and I have to turn that off. Then I have one minute before my third and final phone alarm goes off to try and sleep over the sound of my music. After the last alarm is put on snoozed the snoozes run out of time for the other alarms so, in the same order, they go off and the cycle starts all over again.
That is every morning for me. Then, at six forty-five, after I finally manage to pull myself out of bed I panic at the time and rush into the shower.
To be honest, the shortest shower I think I've ever taken was ten minutes long. So I get out of the shower at seven and dress and dry my hair in fifteen minutes. At seven twenty (because I have to search for the other shoe (I always manage to lose only one shoe) then get my hoody and my juice box, which is kept in the basement. Yes, I do still enjoy juice boxes) I make it upstairs and throw together a sloppy peanut butter and jelly sandwich and brush my teeth, put my lunch in a bag, and am out the door by seven thirty.
Despite the pain and annoyance of early mornings, I live through it every day. Usually, in order to catch myself up, I sleep through math or band (yes, band) which are my first two classes, and usually wake up by Biology.
Good night, world, and have a safe... life.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweeny Todd

You know what's a great movie? You guessed it, Sweeny Todd. Ah, I love it! Even though Johnny Depp is kind of old, he's still attractive! Especially when he's all dressed up in his Jack Sparrow thing, or his Sweeny Todd thing! The one movie he does look like butt in is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love that movie and all, but seriously, he is really creepy in it.
The reason I'm talking about Sweeny Todd is because I'm listening to the soundtrack. This song is... A Little Priest, the one where they are dancing around the Mrs. Lovettes Pie Shop, him holding a knife and her holding a bread roller thing, singing about how they are going to kill people and cook them in pies. Yeah, it's a pretty disturbing movie, but hey, that's Tim Burton for ya.
I have a band concert tonight (a school one, the band, you know?). I play the flute in it and our band sounds really crappy. The band is divided into two sections. The good section is called Wind Ensemble and that's where all the good players go. Their band is really good! Like, amazing! But our band... ha ha ha. Not so much. We're playing six songs, one with a harp! I really want to learn how to play the harp! It is so pretty! So I've decided that, after I move into my loft in New York City, I will get a harp and take lessons. The good band is playing a fifteen minute song, a ten minute song, and like, two or three other five minute songs. There goes my night, having to listen to them. No, it'll be nice. I like listening to good music. But I'm not going to eat until after that and it's already five o' clock.
Now I'm seriously just rambling. I really want to write but I have nothing to write about. Nada. ¿Como estas? That's Spanish. Skill! I'm on my second year of Spanish and so far I can say three words. Whoop-de-doo.
Ugh! I just had something to say and now it's gone.
Well, so I don't take up any more of your time with my pointless conversation with myself I'm going to go and... damn. Prance around the house in my pretty new shoes (courtesy of Tumble)!
Oh yeah! I remember what I was going to say, but it doesn't seem very interesting any more. And, ha ha, I just forgot it again. Ah well, that's life for ya.

Monday, March 9, 2009


In case you haven't noticed there is a poll I created myself to the left of this post. It is about superheros (whoop whoop). If you have the literally three seconds (if that) it takes to answer the poll I would greatly appreciate it. So far two people have voted, but we need more! I will post the results as soon as the poll is over, then I will make a new poll. Exciting, right? Yes...
Any ideas for a good topic for the poll? Tell me! Ugh, I feel like one of those really cheesy commercials for... what's that college called? It's like, "Someone will take your call 24 hours, all night and weekends too." Honey, 24 hours means all night. You go to college, or at least you are advertising that you do. Shouldn't you at least make sense when you speak? Anyway... I feel like I should be talking in a business voice with a blue-tooth head set on my ear. Don't you hate those? You're not sure if the creepy old guy next to you is trying to start a conversation or is completely insane. Then he turns around and BAM! There's his phone. Then you decide not to call the psycho ward.
You know what sucks? Money. Well, at least it sucks when you have to spend it. Like, I just got babysitting money on... Saturday? Yeah. Well, anyway, it's Monday and half of it is gone already. At least I'm babysitting on Thursday also. Maybe I should put some in my bank account? Nah, I'm probably going to buy something I really don't need but at the time am thinking, "You know what would go great with this Darth Vader action figure? Hungry Hungry Hippo!" To be honest that has never happened. But it could!
And have you ever played that game? It's magnificent.
Well, I think I'm going to go and eat the Tic Tacs I just bought. Yep, bought.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My day

Yesterday sucked, clear as day. I will take you on an overview of my day.
I woke up at 5:30 and ran to the toilet to barf. Well, I didn't barf, but I almost fell asleep on the bathroom floor with my arms wrapped around my aching stomach. Then I made it back to bed and fell asleep.
At like eight or something I woke up for good (really early for me) and went upstairs. The 'rents went out for coffee so I decided to take a bath and blast the music (which I can't do when anyone else is home). I got out of the bath singing and happy, and I went to put on my shirt.
One sniff and I almost threw up. I am very familiar with the scent of cat pee, because we used to have a really old cat who peed everywhere, and my shirt was defiantly DRENCHED in piss. I threw it into the bathtub (now empty) and ran downstairs to check the rest of my clean laundry hamper where I got the shirt out of. Yup, cat pee everywhere. Ew, my clean laundry. I looked around for my cat... to kill.
I got dressed in a different black tank-top, one that my cat hadn't infected in it's vile waste. Then I waited for my friend to come over so we could go on a bike ride. I saw her and ran out the front door.
My door usually is really heavy and closes really slowly and it requires a great amount of strength to move it. But, I guess, because it was warm yesterday there wasn't any moisture in the wood or something. So when I pulled it really hard behind me I didn't get my finger out of the way in time. I probably cussed really loudly, I don't remember, but I looked down at my giant purple, throbbing middle finger.
"Was that your finger?" Tumble (previously known as Black) asked from her bike on my driveway.
I was bent over my finger, laughing at my stupidity and hoping I didn't break it.
"I think I broke it," I said as I walked down the steps towards her, but decided to go on my bike ride anyway, despite my pain.
When I got my bike out of the over-crowded shed in the backyard I brought it down our newly finished driveway. Because cars aren't allowed to drive on it yet there is yellow caution tape about the hight of my knee blocking the driveway. I decided to, instead of going around said caution tape, to attempt to carry my bike over.
It didn't work. I dropped in on the ground then fell on top of it. It hurt, and now I have a bruise and a black pattern of possibly greece (do bikes have greece? Is that how you spell greece?) on my leg that won't come off.
Little things happened after those main things. I was getting water at a restaurant and I missed the cup so it got all over my feet, then my feet sweated so they got really stanky. Then I almost fell over my bike again after this really cute bike person filled up my tires, but luckily caught myself.
Yup, that was my day. Oh, and I've decided I really like the word yup. It's fun to say. Yup. But it also sounds like it belongs in a Dr. Suess book.
Ah ha ha ha! I just realized something! The 'rents are out on a run and it just started raining really hard! Ha ha!
Now I feel mean. I think I'm gonna go outside now. See ya.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Squirrel Vs. Monkey

Who would win in a fight, a squirrel or a monkey?
It's a very simple question with a very complicated answer. Actually, there is no answer. Well, there is, but there's no right answer.
Mylla's friend Cupcake (the quarter brother) asked me this one time when I called Mylla. I said squirrel.
"But a monkey can fling it's own crap," Cupcake pointed out.
"But a squirrel can tear the monkey's eyes out with it's claws (this wasn't a voilent conversation, I assure you). Plus a monkey only has only so much feces."
This is an ongoing arguement. Who would win? I hold my beliefs on a squirrel winning.
Pros of a squirrel:
  • They can run really fast
  • They can climb things, including the monkey
  • They have sharp claws and possibly sharp teeth, but I have never stuck my hand in a squirrels mouth to find out, so I can't know for sure
  • They can run for a while
  • They never die (refering to the squirrel Scout in Ice Age)
  • They can throw their nuts
Cons of a squirrel:
  • They have virtually no strength
  • Once caught by monkey their screwed
  • If poop hits them they'll probably die
  • They might have rabies and die anyway
  • Chances are if they aren't killed by a monkey, they'll get hit by a car
Pros of a monkey
  • They can jump from tree to tree further than a squirrel can jump (unless the squirrel can fly)
  • They have a tail to hold things, and their feet and hands can also
  • If they grab the squirrel they can easily kill it
  • They can scream for their friends to show up
  • They can throw poop
  • Their smell might kill the squirrel
Cons of a monkey
  • They can run out of poop, which is basically their only offance
  • They can't outrun a squirrel, or catch it
  • From the looks of them they don't have exceptionally high reflexes
  • They might get distracted by their fleas, or their friends fleas aka a snack
  • They can't compete with a squirrels cuteness (in my humble opinion)
As you can tell, I am extremely bored.

Too serious

I've realized that my recent blogs have been rather depressing. So, while I was applying deodorant and brushing my teeth this morning (while listening to the Rolling Stones, of coarse) I came up with the perfect idea of what to write about. Self-confidence, and how to boost it.
I actually discovered this about a year ago. I was listening to music really loudly on my super-awesome stereo (courtesy of Mylla) at about midnight (I'm not sure why my mom didn't get pissed for having my music too loud). I was in my PJ's (a Batman shirt and no pants. Really, who needs pants?) and looking across the room into my mirror. It's not floor-to-ceiling but when I backed up I could see all of myself in it. Then I began dancing.
At this point I realized that high-heels would be a huge improvement.
Ok, I'm just going to pause and say that I sound like a hooker. I would like to point out that the shirt was really long and nothing was visible, so don't freak out or anything.
I remember this day being really crappy and for some reason my self-confidence was really low. But when I danced my ass off my mood shot out of the roof and I was really happy! So I am not saying you should pimp yourself out, and I really don't want to sound like a ho, but if you are having a crappy day and you want to smile, there is no way you can't smile while you watch someone without pants in shoes they can't walk in attempt to dance.
I hope this will cheer you up on those bad days. And, once again, I don't want to sound like a stripper here.

I would also like to say that my ads are up, and they're all toilet-cleaner ads. I find this really funny.

Monday, March 2, 2009

*GASP!* It's been two days since my last blog!

Actually, the fact that I haven't written anything in two days isn't that surprising. But hey, this is better than English homework, which I'm behind on. Whoops.
Since my near-death experience Saturday morning, I've been looking at the world in a whole different way. Life is short, and you only get one, unless you're Buddhist or Hinduist, etc. But, if worst comes to worst, we get one life. And if we screw that up, we screw up eternity in our eyes. So, in other words, live life to its fullest.
I suppose the main thing I've been thinking about lately is (are?) all the things I want to achieve before I die. It's a pretty long list, and not just the ten things I listed in my first blog. And I know I won't reach those goals while I spend all my time doing the same old thing in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. It sucks.
Which is why I'm planning to move to New York City where anything can happen at any time. It's exciting, keeps you on edge.
I just ate a spoon-full of Peanut Butter. It was good.
I really don't understand people whose goal in life is to grow up, live life in a normal way, then die. No offance to you people, I'm not insulting you, I just don't get it. Why do that? What is the point? What sets you apart from everybody else? At least the Joker's got style, unique style. He's not normal and boring.
I really want some cheese now. Yum, cheese.