Sunday, March 22, 2009

Energy Drink

Ok, yesterday I had the genius idea of going to the store, renting Twilight (wait for my explination), and buying an energy drink and chocolate. First of all, I was extremely emberresed about renting Twilight, and I will explain why I did it:
I couldn't help but go see the movie in theaters with my friend who had never read the books. I guess I had a moment of weakness. Well, throughout the movie I was basically laughing hystarically. The actor who played Edward is actually British, you know, so his voice the whole time sounded like he had some speech defect! Then when he smelled Bella the first time in their Biology class he looked SO FUNNY! HA HA HA HA HA! I can't explain it but it was pretty hystaricle. Then when she had the venom running through her at the end she sounded like she was giving birth. And when Edward had to suck it out Carlisle was like:
Edward, stop. Stop.  You're killing her.
He was so... no emotion. It was pretty funny. Anyway, it's kind of difficult to explain, but it was funny. Anyway, on with my story.
So I came home from the store and drank my Rockstar, finished it about midnight, then ate my chocolate. I turned on Twilight and basically laughed through the whole thing. Then at about one-in-the-morning I came upstairs to sleep in the living room because I think my cat peed on my bed. Ugh, I'm going to vomit and kill my cat. I think she thinks all my personal belongings are her own personally litter boxes. Soooo gross. Well, I fell asleep about two-thirty watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Bueller... Bueller...

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  1. hey!! i laughed throughout twilight too...the people who actually liked twilight in the theater seemed pretty annoyed especially when me and my friends started throwing popcorn at the screen...when he first smelled her was probably the funniest part. he looked so stupid. and i wish he had killed her at the end!! i may have possibly been cheering when he was about to. hm. dont think i can ever go back to that movie theater again...