Friday, April 3, 2009

Good News!

I have some good news to announce! *hem hem* quite everyone. I am... the new columnist for my school paper! I got the one and only opinion column and I get to write whatever I want every month and everybody will read it. I'm so excited! It's my dream to become a columnist for the New York Times!
Also I have the job of decorating the bulletin board outside of the newspaper room and making it all pretty! Plus I'm the unofficial intern to this kid named Steve and I'm basically his minion. It's fun, actually. I feel like I'm in my twenties, fetching things like coffee for my boss. But I have to write a column by Tuesday, and I have to also write a story about summer concerts in my city. I haven't started either... Any ideas on my column?
Itchy. Soooooo itchy.
I'm really scared right now. I'm  home alone and I was walking around my dining room table in circles, talking to my sister on the phone, and someone (or something) started to scratch at my front door. I think it was my cat, because sometimes when she wants to come inside she hooks herself onto our screen door and just hangs there, meowing until somebody opens the door.
My birthday is on Wednesday! Yeyyyyy! I'm super excited. I think I'm getting a digital camera, because my other one broke, but that's kind of pricey so I might just be getting cheap iPod speakers or something.
I think I'm going to go watch the Office. Yey, best show ever.
By the way, I really want a smoothie. 

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