Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saw 1 & 2

Okay, so, recently I watched two movies called (as you can probably figure out) Saw 1 and Saw 2. And they were awesome. Okay, so the blood and violence and torture gets a bit disturbing, but the movie is so cool! I do think I like the first one better though, just because it was a little more actiony and a little less constant torture, but they were both really cool.
So if you don't get grossed out by murder, torture, and a lot of blood, I would recommend these movies to you. I'm getting them off Netflix so it's taking a while to watch them all, but I'll get there.
And I guess they kind of do have a good message behind them. You know, it's these people who have to fight for their lives, and they learn to appreciate life more. Although you can probably get the message across without making them saw off their own foot, but hey, everybody has their hobbies.
So I've recently realized that British accents are probably the coolest freaking things ever. I mean, I might prefer French accents because they sound so romantic, but British accents... it just so... neat. I don't know, I have nothing to talk about so I'm rambling.
Oh, and you know how I mentioned the giant freeze tag thing? Well it got postponed (I don't know if I mention that) and now it's happening later this month. But another event has sprung up. ZOMBIE MOB! Basically a whole bunch of people dress up as zombies and parade around town. It's on YouTube somewhere, although I don't know what to search for because I can't find it. But just imagine; you're going through life and suddenly a butt-load of zombies come after you. Now, I'm sure I've mention that my second biggest fear is zombies, so if I saw this I'd probably whip out a machine gun and shoot them all down, so I'm really hoping nobody sees us who has a gun and is terrified of zombies.
Ok, well, I'm gonna go eat pizza and take a shower, because I'm stanky and hungry, and then I'm going bowling! Yey! :-) I love bowling.
Alright, bu-bye.

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