Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hidden Chambers

So I was talking to Mylla and Gigantor on Sunday (they graduated from my current high school) and they were talking about all the cool things they found at the school, such as an underground pool and an old shooting range in the attic. I listened intently and then realized; I can be the next discoverer. I can go through the school and look for hidden passageways and chambers that are long forgotten.
I began my journey today.
My first trip was during first hour. It was band and we were doing sections (where each instrument goes into a separate room and practices their parts) while the teachers gave random crappy students playing tests. Well, nobody was actually practicing. People were running around and being stupid, so I decided hey, why not go do something productive? So I grabbed my camera and my friend Judge and we headed over to the staircase.
Now, we were practicing on the auditorium stage and there are several exits and entrances, so sneaking out was no problem what-so-ever. Judge and I went over to the stage doors, left the stage, and proceeded down one of the only flights of stairs that lead to the basement.
I had been down there twice before, and each time was when they stuck the flutes down there for sectionals. So I wasn't scared at first. I turned the light on and Judge and I entered the room.
The first room used to be where athletes would shower. There were old showers that are now filled with bugs and sand (no idea where the sand came from) and there's a bunch of random crap that got stored there because I guess the school administratives decided storing stuff in storage closets isn't "cool." The next room was filled to the top with filing cabinets. I looked around quickly, searching for a pool, then gave up when I thought the teachers might catch us down there.
But I'll go there tomorrow because I didn't get any good pictures.
The next section of the basement I went to I brought Judge and Curly (BTW new people, I haven't mentioned them yet before). This staircase was right next to the band room where the teachers were, and I got pissed off because I made it to the bottom (out of sight of the teachers) and Judge and Curly were freaking out at the top. Of course, I did force them to come with me because hells no I was NOT doing THAT alone!
Well, the door at the bottom of the steps was really heavy, and the room inside had a light on. Actually, the room was really big and there was a giant boiler in the middle of it. It was neat. There were also lots of cement walls and doorways carved into them (but the doorways had no frames so it was really creepy) so I took a couple pictures and ran back upstairs.
Next (I know this is getting a bit repetitive) we went up the stairs (the same ones we went down the second time) and found a secret loft next to the stage where there are pillows and a bunch of people go up there to smoke pot. I also think the drama kids go up there during plays so they can get ready or something... I don't know, we don't really have a back stage. I think people get ready in the band room and stuff, which really isn't a great place to put on make-up and what not.
Lastly, my friend Mad-Hatter, who is a sophomore and we met in journalism class, went with me back to the boiler room. We explored a whole bunch and found a torture chamber (at least it looked like it. It was really creepy, I thought a ghost was going to come out and kill us, and we'd turn into those annoying girls in those horror movies who, instead of calling the police or running away, decide to go try and make friends with the ghost, and then get eaten, or whatever ends up happening...). But we didn't. Actually, we found a weird room with a bunch of computers and a Star Wars-looking stuff, like... never mind, it's hard to explain.
All in all, it was a fun, eventful day. Tomorrow I'm going to try and explore more of the "storage" room because apparently there's a bunch more stuff past all the piled-up shit.
Plus I really like the adventure. I love the rush you get when you're doing something you're not supposed to, and at any time anything could happen. That feeling is amazing!
Until next time.

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