Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Give Up... No I Don't!

Ok, before I tell you how sorry I am for not posting in... nearly a month, let me first tell you the results of the last poll I had.
And it was a tie between three votes! Soooooooooo the winners are:
Thanks for playing...
Ok, so, in order to keep me interested in this blog thing I'm thinking about making a podcast. That would be super neat! I need a name for it but my mom and step-dad are leaving to go do errands in a few minutes so I'll probably play around with it then. I have a microphone and a program where I can play around with different sounds, except the problem is, I have no idea how to get it on here. I'll probably do a test one and then try and get it up, but I'll probably sound really stupid on it... But it would be fun, so don't judge me too harshly.
Let's see... what has happened to me in nearly a month? Um... I ate two whole packs of Junior Mints last night. They were freaking delicious, except now I'm sad because there are none left. I haven't driven any more, which sucks because I really want to. I got a Six Flags season pass, which is awesome because I love roller coasters, except they don't really scare me any more, which sucks... I had a dream I fell in a pool, which isn't very interesting... Wow, if this is how my blog is going, my podcast is going to be even more boring. No, hopefully you'll be entertained. I'll try my best.
Well, I WILL write another post tomorrow. I vow to it.

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  1. hey!! i'm sure your podcast will be veeeeery interesting actually! glad you're posting again! oh and on the poll i picked "other" because how could i choose between all those amazing movies? pshh.