Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Still Here!

I know it's been forever! I'm still here, don't worry. I  had a busy week which I will talk about in my next blog (as soon as my mom gets home from her date with my step-dad and gives me the device that allows me to upload photos from my camera) and it includes my FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!!! AHHHH! AND I GOT MY PERMIT!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop!
The poll results (from like two weeks ago) about clowns are...
66% (2 votes) of people are afraid of clowns only if they basically try and kidnap you. Good call, people.
And 33% (one vote) are like "Bam Bam! Dead clown!" Ok, no, no killing clowns (especially the Joker <3)
Anyway, once again I'm sorry. Actually, for the first time I'm sorry. I'm dumb. But my next blog will be super exciting with pictures (if I can figure out how to get pictures on here). I'll try and get it up tomorrow! Definently not tonight though, because I am going to watch Reaper, do Biology homework *barf*, and watch Marley and Me because it's already two days over due.

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  1. How'd you like Reaper? (And how did the homework go?) Check out reaperdmv.com if you want to talk more about the show! We're trying already to save it with petitions and voting in polls and stuff.