Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jello update

I have a really, really, really bad headache and I was going to write a post thing about that, then I realized I haven't told you the update of my Jell-o project.
Basically I decided to put a whale (I think it was a whale, but it might have been a shark) into the Jell-O. It was orange Jell-O that smelled EXACTLY like vomit. It was pretty nasty. But I got 30 extra credit points on it so it was all good. Then I had to stick the Jell-O creation in my locker until school was over, and then I had to walk home with it. It was quite an ordeal.
Ugh, I still haven't watched Batman for a while. I should...
OK, so something spectacular happened today when we were out driving (the 'rents and I). It was snowing and the ground was covered in ice, right? So, we were switching lanes (I was in the backseat listening to Belle & Sebastian and writing in my notebook) and suddenly the car lurched, as if it were a roller-coaster making its first plummet down the really steep track. I looked up in alarm, and instead of the street being outside the windshield, it was the little cement wall that keeps cars from going off the road. So, obviously, we were not going straight anymore. Well, the car was still going down the road, except the car was not facing the road, it was speeding down it sideways. I looked out my window, except it was so steamed up I couldn't see anything. So I grabbed the door handle with one hand and scratched frantically at the ceiling with the other, looking for something to grab onto. Then in the clear window to the far left of me (I was sitting in the back seat on the right-hand side) was the cement thing, so we were spinning in a circle (I know I'm doing a crappy job at describing this, but stay with me). Immediately my mind jumped to the movie Cloverfeild, where they were in a helicopter and it was spinning to the ground after the giant monster threw something big at them. I thought I was in a helicopter and had to remind myself I wasn't. I don't know why I thought of this, because I've never actually  been in a helicopter. But I did. So I prepared for impact, thinking holy shit! holy shit! the whole time.
Then the car skidded to a stop facing the same direction we were originally driving parked perfectly straight on the shoulder of the road, my calm music still flowing into my ears as if nothing ever happened.
And that is the most exciting thing that has happened in my life.
I have had a very boring life.

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