Monday, February 16, 2009

Hot Chocolate

After signing off my last blog I realized my feet had grown so cold I was beginning to feel sick (like I was going to puke, but I can't spell naucous). So I hurried downstairs, slipped on some socks, and dashed back up. I flipped on the oven and began to boil some water. Then I went to the pantry and got a yellow mug. Then, at last, my heart beating with anticipation, I opened the other pantry expecting to see a box of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. Instead there was nothing but foul tea and some flour. I pulled everything out and looked frantically for my Swiss Miss  hot chocolate but found nada.
And so there are only two things that might have happened to cause the dissappearance of my Swiss Miss hot chocolate. Either
  1. I drank it all and, being really stupid, forgot to ask my mom to buy more or
  2. My stupid brother drank it all.
So, to be perfectly honest, my good mood of having a full extra day of this weekend to do nothing and not even change out of my pajamas has been ruined because I can not have my Swiss Miss hot chocolate.

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