Monday, February 16, 2009

The Batman

I can honestly say I'm completely obsessed with Batman. Everything about him makes me smile. Perhaps it's the fast-pace, the demented villians, or the fact that Christian Bale is the most attractive human being in the universe. And it's not just the Dark Knight (new movie). The comics, the cartoon, even the ones directed by Tim Burton. Everywhere Batman turns he brings happyness and joy.
I really think I need help to settle my Batman craze. There was a point in my life (which lasted most of my life) in which I was OBSESSED with Harry Potter, perhaps even more than Batman. It pretty much took over my head. So I should break this  habit before it takes over as well.
I think the best thing about The Dark Knight is The Joker. RIP Heath Ledger. He's so psycho, which makes him amazing, especially in his pimpin' purple suit. And I like how mysterious he is. You never know his name or where he came from. The only fact you really know is that his father was a huge dick. I think, personally, that his dad was a jerk and turned him into the monster he is today.
Ok, I refuse to discuss The Dark Knight any more. It has left my head completely. Instead I'm going to go make some hot chocolate and bug people on Facebook.

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  1. hey!! i totally agree with you...batman is THE COOLEST SUPERHERO EVER! i think it might be unhealthy how many times i've watched the dark knight...

    anyways, cool blog!!