Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tribute to ninjas... and kweenclaude

First I would like to say hoorah to Kweenclaude for being the first real person to like my blog. It makes me feel special. I would also like to say that we are practically twins. Batman twins, that is! But now I sound like a stalker, so I'm going to stop.
Ninjas. What makes them so awesome? Perhaps it's the fact that they wear sweet outfits. Perhaps it's the fact that their Asian (I don't mean to sound racist, but Asian guys are really cute!). Or, most likely, it's the fact that Batman was trained by ninjas (oh no, feeding my obsessions again!). Whatever it is, Ninjas are the coolest things in the universe... No that's a lie. But they are pretty neat.
Something gross about ninjas, though, just an interesting fact I found somewhere at some time, is that when they are little kids the head ninja (the ninja king?) pops their arms and legs out of their sockets. They do this repeatedly until there is no longer pain. Then, when the child ninja grows up to become an actual ninja, they can pop their body parts kind of off and fold into tight places.
How nasty is that?
But I think it's worth it. I would still be a ninja despite this fact.
Oh, and the famous question of who would win a ninja or a pirate, the answer is so obvious. A ninja! How could a pirate win a fight when all they have is bad breath, poor hygene, and a gun? A ninja's got the moves, got the look, and got the skill. They can outrun a bullet. And if they get shot they can just take off a limb because it wouldn't hurt them. So in my mind there is no question, just an answer.

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  1. oooh, thank you thank you!! i have my very own tribute-post!!
    if theres anything i love almost as much as batman its ninjas...i have always wanted to be one!!...well, ok, pirates are up there too, although i have to agree with you that ninjas are awesomer. and, fine, vikings and gnomes are pretty amazing too.